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Report a Lost or Stolen Debit Card: Call Toll Free 1.800.472.3272

SCAM Alerts  

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has issued a nationwide warning about a new scam claiming that consumers' utility bills will be paid by the Federal Government through a new program sanctioned by President Obama.

Consumers have been contacted through telephone calls, fliers, social media and text messages, and other means with claims that President Obama is providing credits or applying payments to utility bills.

To receive the money, scammers claim they need the consumer's Social Security Number, and bank routing number and/or account number. In return, customers are given a fraudulent bank routing number to use in order to pay their utility bills through an automated service. The payment service initially 'accepts' the payment but then declines it within a few days when the banking information is discovered to be invalid. The consumer's bill has not been paid and his/her SSN and personal financial information have been compromised.

Click here to read the full scam alert from the Better Business Bureau's website, and for tips to consumers to avoid becoming a victim of this scam, and additional information on identify theft scams.

If you receive an email from "transfers@nacha.org" or "mailto:wire@federalreserve.gov " with a subject line that refers to an ACH rejected payment - DO NOT OPEN THE EMAIL.  It will point you to a report to open concerning the payment.  It executes a program which in turn executes a virus.

It is advisable not to open any emails from senders you do not recognize.  Remember that payment networks, the Federal Reserve, and other government agencies will not email you directly concerning any payments that you might initiate through a merchant.  If you had an issue with a payment, the merchant would contact you directly.

If you receive an email from "Credit Union National Association" update@cuna.org, do not respond to the email. It is a phishing scam and an attempt to get your personal information. We have notified the appropriate authorities.

Remember, KCECU Credit Union, nor any of its representatives, will NEVER send you an email requesting updated personal information.   Please be sure to monitor your accounts closely and report any discrepancies to the credit union representatives. 

Members should be on the lookout for automated phone calls pretending to be from your bank or credit union. The message says that your card has been suspended and asks you to contact their security department at the telephone number provided. When customers call the number, an automated system tells them to enter their card number, expiration date, and PIN in order to activate fraud protection on their accounts. This scam, called "phishing", is an attempt to steal your personal information including card numbers, expiration dates, and PINs for your debit and credit cards. The email version of this scam is called "phishing".


TIP: Never give your private information to someone you don't know who calls you on the phone. If you get an automated call that tells you to call another number, look up the correct number to call on your own. For example, call your credit card company at the phone number listed on the back of your credit or debit card or call your bank at the number listed on your bank statement.

Please let the Credit Union know if you have become a victim of a scam.  We will do everything we can to protect your personal information.

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